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 Celeb Men Wearing Makeup!

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Celeb Men Wearing Makeup!   Tue Nov 01 2011, 10:35


Mark Ballas, Pete Wentz, Jared Leto and more celeb gents rocking the eyeliner and more!

One of the best parts of being is girl is having fun with make-up right? Hollywood, seems like some of the guys are getting in on the fun too.

Check it out.

No that's not Pete's Mark Ballas sporting some serious guyliner! But he is a dead ringer for the Black Cards frontman!

Think the message on his sweats mean he's willing to embrace his inner diva?

Or maybe he just wanted those sexy peepers to pop- either way- the edge caught our eye!
But back to Pete Wentz. He's been sporting the smoky eye for years...sometimes matching his ex Ashlee.

Wonder if he used hers or had his own?

And what about this guy?!

Boy George should have his own line of makeup for men...he's sported more shadows than most runway models!

Jared Leto used to rock some serious smudge- but lately he's been going with a more natural look.

So what's your opinion on guys going glam? Tweet me and let me know if you'd let your dude borrow your makeup bag.
For CelebTV- I'm Elena.

And this guy rarely leaves the house without a flawless face full of foundation and distinct dark guyliner, and his Glamberts love him for it!


Vadamictc #6. UyênLambert/Glitzer Babe #27

Mê loạn ing ~~~

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Celeb Men Wearing Makeup!

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