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 Calendar of Events

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Calendar of Events   Sat Apr 14 2012, 11:25

- April 2012 -
April: Magazine, Russia. Queer Magazine April issue. [More info]
April: Magazine, Russia. Glamour Magazine. [Source]
April: Magazine, Japan. The Gossips Magazine, April 2012 [out Feb 18]. [Source]
April: Magazine, Japan. InRock part two of last months’ interview [available March 15].
April 02: Interview with LA Weekly. [Source | May issue]
April 02: Adam visits the 102.7 KIIS FM radio station in Los Angeles. [Source]
April 02: Radio, US. 104.3 MYfm Los Angeles, CA. [More Info]
April 04: Radio, US. 104.3 MYfm Los Angeles, CA. Sean Valentine’s interview with Adam airs. Follow Sean Valentine’s tweets for more info. [Source]
April 05: TV, US. New Now Next awards red carpet live. [More Info | Livestream]
April 09: TV, US. Performance at Logo TV New Now Next Awards, 10/9C on Logo. [Tapes on April 5 | Press Release | Live stream starts at 9 ET | Live stream 7p PT @CoralMermaid]
April 09 – 13: US and UK promo continues via phone interviews with media.
April 11: Never Close Our Eyes is the second single to be released off Trespassing. [Source]
April 13: Never Close Our Eyes available at iTunes Australia. [Source]
April 13: Never Close Our Eyes available at iTunes Belgium. [Source]
April 13: Never Close Our Eyes available at iTunes Luxembourg, Netherlands and Norway.
April 14: Magazine, Japan. InRock May 2012 available.
April 16: Never Close Our Eyes available in Finland.
April 16: Never Close Our Eyes available at iTunes France. [Source]
April 16: TV, Australia. Project Runway season 9 repeat on cable channel 105 Arena.
[Addtional dates and times | Source]
April 17: Never Close Our Eyes available at Amazon. [Source]
April 17: Never Close Our Eyes available at iTunes. [Read More]
April 25: TV, Japan. Music On! Adam Feature. Repeats April 28 and May 1. [Source | More Info]
April 26: TV, US. Jimmy Kimmel Live. Los Angeles, CA. ‘mini concert’ [More Info]

- May 2012 -
May: Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine May 2012. Available April 14th. [More Info]
May: Interview in LA Weekly. [More Info]
May 04: Magazine, US. Gloss magazine. [More Info]
May 08: Trespassing deluxe available in Italy. [Source]
May 11: Trespassing available in Switzerland. [Source]
May 11: Trespassing released in Belgium and Holland. [Source]
May 11: Trespassing released in Norway. [Source]
May 15: Trespassing is released in the US, Canada and Mexico, some international dates may vary. [Source]
May 16: Trespassing released in Finland.
May 18: Trespassing deluxe available in Germany [Austria ?]. [Source]
May 18: Trespassing released in Australia.
May 18: Radio, concert. KISS 103.5 Chicago, IL. Fantabuloso 2012 at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. [Kiss 103.5 webpage | More Info]
May 19: Radio, concert. KISS 108 Boston, MA. Summer Concert 2012 at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, MA. [More Info]
May 20: Radio, concert. 103.5 KTU New York. KTUphoria 2012 at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. [More Info]
May 22: Radio, concert. Q102 Philadelphia, PA. Philly’s Springle Ball at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. [More Info]
May 26: Radio, concert. 96.5TIC Hartford, CT. Spring Fling at Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA. [More Info]

- June 2012 -
June: Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine available approx May 15.
June: Interview with @Kool Kiwis, New Zealand. [Source]
June 06: Trespassing released in Japan. [Source]
June 06: Glam Nation Live released in Japan. [Source]
June 24: Never Close Our Eyes released in the UK. [Source]

- July 2012 -
July 02: Trespassing released in the UK. [Source]
July 03: Concert. Moscow, Russia. Moscow Olympic Arena with Queen. [Source | message re: date change]
July 11 and 12: Concerts. London, UK HMV Hammersmith Apollo with Queen. [Source/More Info | TicketMaster Info]

- August 2012 -
August 18 & 19: Festival Concert, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012 Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. [Website | Source]

- Rumors/Unconfirmed -
- UK gets extra Trespassing track. [Source]
- Rolling Stone magazine. [Source]
- Interview with Clash magazine UK. [Source]
- Interview with The Daily Mail UK [Source]
- Interview with Guardian Film & Music UK Michael Hann – asking for fan questions. [Source]
- Adam featured in a upcoming episode of Music Choice’s The F Word. [Source]
- Adam to perform on American Idol? [Source | May 17?]
- Something ‘special’ for June? UK. [Source]
- More UK promo before album release. [Source]
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Calendar of Events

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